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Some features of Our Premium Service

 placement test
Placement test
It is a quick way of assessing the level of a student's knowledge. The results allow to define the course roadmap.
 private and secure
Private and Secure
All your lessons and homeworks are protected by a username and a password to protect your privacy.
 time saving
Time saving

No time to commute, to park, to manage your time. Do the course wherever you are.

 didactic games
Didactic games
Games help the teacher to create meaningful contexts in which the language is used. Games help and encourage many learners to sustain their interest and make the lessons easier and more pleasurable.
 certification oriented
Certification Oriented

Prepare your Certification Exam with an exact roadmap. Simulate the tests with us. Save time and money.

 downloadable podcast
Downloadable podcasts
Our software can record the lessons so you can download them to listen whenever you want from any kind of devices.
 flash cards
Flash cards
Flash cards are an intuitive didactic methodology that helps children and adults. We produced many sets according with your needs.
 flexible schedule
Flexible schedule
To meet your needs our teachers are available from 8am to 21pm from Monday to Saturday.
 grammar and vocabulary
Grammar Made Easy
Grammar it's a subject that fills many of us with frustration, but it doesn't have to. Our methodology is an effective way to learn grammar rules easly and for good.
 live conversation
Live conversations
We use skype, google hangout ecc and our private messaging system to talk online with the students
 one to one tuition
One to One tuition
We belive that the best solution is to give all attentions to a single student at time.
 online tests
Online tests
Students can take online tests to evaluate the results of their studies.
 online resources
Online Resources
You can find on our website all the lessons you had and use it whenever you want.
 course definition
Course definition
Every course is defined according with the results of the placement test, the student's targets, the available time and budget disponible.
 social networking
Social Networking
You can use our website to interact with your friends on facebook to receive encouragement and support.





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